Support in professional football

Professional football can be complicated and therefore football players and managers deserve optimal support and guidance. World Soccer Consult are more than happy to offer this support.
With over more than 30 years of experience on national and international level we’ve proven our commitment and knowledge.
Due to an outstanding broad network World Soccer Consult’s professionals are determined to match their players and coaches with the right football clubs. Under the best conditions, professional, functional, legal, social and with good financial security. Guidance for achieving an excellent career is the core business of World Soccer Consult.

What we offer players, managers and coaches:

personal guidance in job placement
contacts with top clubs around the world
advice on contracts, transfer regulations, finance, tax, social security

What we offer clubs:

worldwide scouting network
extensive portfolio of players for all positions and departments
advice on contracts, transfer regulations and taxation

Our vision:

World Soccer Consult want to be a professional link between ambitious players, managers / coaches and clubs.
Expectations and objectives must be set out in concrete proposals that are appropriate for all parties.

World Soccer Consult are recognized and certified by the KNVB (Royal Dutch Football Association)

How can we help?

WSC have a reliable network of international lawyers, insurance advisers and tax consultants and own worldwide network of clubs, trainers, ex-players, media, sponsors and various other parties in professional football. Over the last 30 years, new collaborations have been created and activities have been developed in Europe, South America, China, Australia and Japan.

Network & Scouting

Our global network does not only have commercial aspects. Various talented players and managers / coaches signed for top clubs after having been identified by our scouts. In this area, WSC proved to be a reliable partner.

Guidance on the way to the top

World Soccer Consult know what it takes to deliver top performance and how to reach the top as a talented player or manager / coach. With focus and dedication on a daily basis to develop yourself and to realize the best performance at the right time. Our professional approach, open and transparent working methods are based on trust and commitment.